One serving size (2 oz) of Jusuru Blend contains the same amount of resveratrol as in four full bottles of red wine !



     That’s the French paradox and it’s been the topic of the most reputable research labs. Interestingly enough, drinking red wine may play a key part in the answer. Recent studies demonstrate that caloric restriction stimulates a gene in our bodies which reduces the effects of aging. Among thousands of compounds tested, resveratrol demonstrated the unique ability to mimic the same benefits.

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Life-enhancing benefits

The secret behind “the French Paradox” Studies have shown that the French lead healthier lives despite a diet high in saturated fat, thanks to resveratrol found in red wine.

It’s in the skin. Found in the skin of red grapes, resveratrol is what gives red wine its hearthealthy benefits.

Drink up! Each two-ounce serving of Jusuru Life Blend provides as much resveratrol as four full bottles of red wine. Cheers to that!

    Resveratrol is mostly found in the skin of red grapes and ultimately in red wine. Among many properties like anti-inflammation, anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and more, one stands above all, the property for lowering blood pressure and level of sugar. It has enormous effect on the occurrence of the coronary disease. A study conducted by Professor Serge Renaud, published in 1991 in British Medical Journal found that 2-3 glasses for man, and 1-2 glasses for women a day of Bordeaux reduces the risk of developing coronary disease by 40% despite high-fat diet. This is known as the French Paradox observed among French with unusually low prevalence of obesity and heart conditions despite a diet high in saturated fats.