"I love the taste of Jusuru! I had terrible dry eyes after having several eye surgeries for corrective vision (which did not work for me) and Jusuru Life Blend has changed that for me. I now have a lot of lubrication in my eyes. Also, after having gone through menopause, I experienced a lot of joint discomfort. In particular, my left knee and my left hip were bothering me so much that I had to give up running and often even a brisk walk was out of the question. After drinking Jusuru Life Blend for approximately six weeks this all changed for me! I am now enjoying my walks and my runs again at the park with my very energetic Jack Russell, Blaze! I can even keep up with his pace again! What a pleasure for both of us. I look forward to excelling in the business aspect of Jusuru as this is my future career path. Thank you Jusuru! "

Angel T. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL