Liquid BioCell nutraceutical treatment takes up to 3 months to take effect.**

We challenge you to:

- take a picture of your face before starting the regimen and compare with picture taken  after 90 days


- Register your discomfort on the scale 0 - 10 and then compare to your feelings after 90 days

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** Liquid Biocell is not a magic pill nor a pain killer. It takes time for body to rebuild cartilage, replenish collagen and hyaluronic acid and rejuvenate connective tissue in your joints, skin, etc. Treatment corrects the existing condition and does not cure the underling cause (in most cases the depleted production of collagen and hyaluronic acid by the body). To achieve sustained improvement you need to keep on using Liquid Biocell  product as recommended  after the initial 3 months period (similar to taking a prescription medicine for any chronic condition). Depending on the health condition for some people the effects may take shorter time, for some longer and some may never experience any change. You can cancel auto-ship any time.