The Only Product on the World Market that Delivers Perfect Blend of Vital Ingredients in Liquid Form
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A dietary supplement first!
Liquid BioCell's all-natural multi-patented joint and skin health super-ingredient contains a matrix of beneficial properties, including:

The most abundant protein found in the body.
Hydrolyzed collagen provides the structural framework of your connective tissues to keep your skin firm and resilient, and your joints active and fluid.

    The amazing shock-absorbing properties of cartilage! A naturally occurring element of joint cartilage and dermis, depolymerized chondroitin sulfate makes skin more resilient and joint cartilage strong.

    Hydration for your skin, lubrication for your joints and cellular strength. Thanks to a patented process, hyaluronic acid (HA) is a highly bioavailable molecule, adding moisture back to your body.

    BioCell Collagen II is a natural dietary supplement that provides nutritional support for connective tissue health, specifically articular joints, and the skin. BioCell Collagen II™ is derived from 100% pure hormone-free chicken sternum collagen which is the richest natural source of these essential nutritional “building blocks.  BioCell Collagen contains three major, highly-bioavailable (availability of nutrients at the site of action), biologically-active constituents: hydrolyzed type II collagen, depolymerized hyaluronic acid (also called hyaluronan and Fountain of Youth) and chondroitin sulfate.

    What happens when we age? Read any magazine or watch any news or medical show and they'll say the usual...wrinkles, joint problems, arthritis, etc. Are these really synonymous with aging or can we avoid them? These signs of aging are mainly a result of a slowing down of collagen production. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It is necessary for the successful maintenance of healthy cartilage, tendons, ligament and skin. As we age, we lose this necessary protein. This loss can lead to joint degeneration, synovial (joint) fluid loss and dramatic skin changes. To maintain the vitality of these tissues the body needs the correct nutritional raw materials to keep it going. BioCell Collagen II™, taken on an empty stomach, can provide these necessary materials.

    Not all Collagen Type II is created equal. Some formulations contain molecules that are too large to be absorbed. Only hydrolyzed BioCell Collagen II™ can deliver this necessary protein to the body’s resource center and is guaranteed to contain standardized levels of Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II proteins, chondroitin sulfate, important for maintaining healthy joint cartilage, and Hyaluronic Acid.Daily use of BioCell Collagen II™, with its combination of Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II proteins, chondroitin sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid, may help with many connective tissue and common joint disorders, such as osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, joint defects, vascular disease and cartilage injuries. BioCell Collagen II™ also supports skin health, skin appearance and elasticity by helping the skin retain moisture. BioCell Collagen II™ is completely water soluble and specially processed to ensure maximum absorption by the body.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), together with collagen, is essential for the health of soft connective tissue. Hyaluronic Acid is present in the synovial fluid that surrounds joints, cartilage and the eye and skin tissue. Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin retain moisture and functions as a lubricant between the connective tissue of the skin. Take, for example, a drying fruit. A plum starts out plump and moist. When you remove the water, you get a prune. The same thing happens with loss of Hyaluronic Acid. It leads to skin, eye and joint problems associated mostly with advanced age.
    As we age our bodies loose collagen and hyaluronic acid causing the deterioration in the structure and function of cartilage which is a flexible connective tissue found in many areas of the human body, including the joints between bones, the rib cage, the ear, the nose, the bronchial tubes and the intervertebral discs. In layman's term BioCell Collagen replenishes connective tissues with these components by providing essential molecules on the cellular level in the best optimized form. This has been proved by the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies as published in Current Medical Research and Opinion in 2006.